Thank you, Lord, for the rain.  
We need it to pull us out of the drought; because this kind of water bill is scary.
(You see why we're drilling for a well?!)

We need it to grow enough hay to feed the cows through the winter.
But please, Lord, could you space it out a little?

Because with rain every day for a week, and more coming, I'm afraid that the garden roots will rot.  And I need that garden to feed 8 people.

On to other things; after milking and weeding this morning, Garnet helped me repair a fence.

If you call eating my clothes and slobbering on me helpful.

Then he was pushing me.
Wes tried to distract him, but to no avail.

 I had slobber running down my leg before I was done,
 there are minor disadvantages to tame cows.
After that Wes and I went to the orchard, there were over 30 little pears on this tree!
We planted two cherry trees.

 We went back to the garden to drive in 30 T-posts around all the tomatoes.
Jake heard the noise and came out, so thankfully, I only had to drive in 10 of the posts.      

I started walking again this week, and walked two miles in 36 minutes. 
(18 minutes each)
Considering that twenty years ago I walked 6 miles, 4 days a week in 15 minutes per mile, I think I'm off to a pretty good start.
I don't know why I haven't been walking since we moved here!
I guess because we've had so many projects going on that are just now feeling finished.
I'm thankful that I can walk on our property and road, and have the house/yard/kids in sight the whole time.  My brain needs the break, and my body loves the exercise.
 All 8 kids were home!  Last time they were all here, I didn't get any pictures.

 Even though all 8 kids were home, DH had to work, but I snapped this after supper.

I am truly blessed!


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  2. David said Jake was standing on his tiptoes