For the past couple of years, Jake has been driving buses at PCC (for fun), as well as doing his job as Director of Student Workers.  Before that he was Customer Service Manager for Abeka Books.
  He did not renew his contract and will be leaving Pensacola this summer. He has been there for 7 years; first as a college student, then as an employee.  (Except for 6 months in Texas as a Corrections Officer.) He thought about driving a truck.  He recently took a PCC group to DC, and enjoyed it so much that he is pursuing a job as a tour bus driver.  He's also going back to tour DC on his vacation next week.

DH went back to work this week, so my life is not nearly as exciting as when he's home.  Our neighbor moved his cows, I love it when they are all in the pasture next to us, and I get this view.  Toby was at the fence all day too, on guard, lest any neighbor cows tried to invade.

       I've been spring cleaning, if I waited any longer, it wouldn't be spring! 
                    Moved boys furniture, not sure if it will stay this way.
Deep cleaned our bath, bedroom, DR,
 foyer, boys room, and school room this week.

Kids entertained themselves by playing with things that I was putting into the "donation" box.  Why do they always want to play with it when you're giving it away?
This is Emmi's Roman Colosseum; red blocks in the middle are gladiators, white blocks are the audience---wearing togas. And on the right we have Mesopotamian ziggurats.
Guess what era of history we are studying?
Got the school room cleaned, always the hardest room.  Cleaned out a lot of things, threw away 2 garbage bags of old schoolwork and workbooks.
Now that all cabinets, drawers, and desks are clean, I can concentrate on planning for our next school year; which begins in a few weeks.
We certainly need the rain we've been getting the past few days, and I am getting a lot done inside!

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