Butterball and Helen have become great friends lately.
Remember, Helen is blind.

This morning, I stood and watched for several minutes.  Butterball walked with Helen and stayed right next to her.  It's amazing to watch the connection between animals!

Emmi **finally** sold all of her baby goats, that were old enough to sell. 
 On the day that she sold the last 5, this little girl was born.  
Emmi named her Tabby.
Joseph, the white one, is the only other baby goat here now. 
 He is Tabby's uncle, and two weeks older.
We made a great discovery while working on the front of the house!  We knew the aluminum siding had wood siding behind it, original to the house.  But what we did not know was that this vent was behind the aluminum.  We bought a cedar gable vent to put on the back of the house, but not for the front.  We did not know if there was a vent.
We had gone back and forth as to whether we needed a vent, since there did not appear to be one when the aluminum was up.  We were thrilled to find this old detail, all intact.  It has now been cleaned up and painted.
I can't wait to show you the before and after pictures of the front of the house in a few days!

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