Slow mudroom progress

The flooring is done!  It's a laminate that looks like stone.
All trim is being done with barn wood.  There were over 50 nails in that first piece.  We pulled them all out, and actually reused the rusty old nails for an authentic look.

DH covered the cement block step with barn wood also.

Nothing here is plumb, level, or square.  Each baseboard piece had to be scribed and custom cut.  Of course we did not want any fresh cuts to show, so we had to carefully plan where each piece went.  
One piece of metal went up today.  We have a few full sized sheets left over from the den, then we will custom order pieces for the smaller areas.
The ceiling is amazing, but I'm saving it to show you when the whole room is done.

Wes is our gopher, and is finishing off some cream--a well deserved treat.

Also last week, we dumped 60 gallons of milk on the garden, it's great for the soil. It was the leftovers from about 10 days.
We are getting 15 gallons of milk a day.  On the days when it is not all sold, it accumulates rapidly!  We dumped milk on the garden last year, but haven't had this amount of volume since.  

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