Poor Moe is looking scraggly.
 He sheds like this twice a year.  This is how much hair was brushed off today.
 Earlier today, my landscaping crew was hard at work cutting the grass.
 It's a good thing, because DH has not been able to mow the grass yet.
He joked that he would just let it grow and cut it with the bush hog when he does hay in a few weeks----um, no.

This is the year we finally bought a tiller.
DH has done most of the work so far.
Three rows of rattlesnake beans, 
and 3 rows of blue lake bush beans so far.
That only covers about 1/6 of our gardening space.
I'm getting out the rest of the seeds today, to figure out what all to plant.
Meanwhile, back at the barn, feeding time is getting very crowded.
Anybody need a goat????

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