Mudroom metal ordered!

Because of this crazy room's crooked everything, we had to start at the bottom and work up.  

Each baseboard had to be cut to make the top side level.
Then the whole pieces of metal were added (left over from den ceiling).

Next, the barn wood pieces for the coat hooks,
each one cut to size and leveled.
All of the "hooks" are odd metal pieces that were found here on the farm.
There are 3 railroad spikes, a square hand forged nail, rusty old hooks, a bridal bracket, an old hoe, and so much more.  Different sized holes had to be drilled for each one, long pieces cut shorter, and all kinds of customization done by DH.

I was anxious to get my new chair and ottoman in here,
 even though the room is not done.
The table is too big, but will do for now.  I found the antique dresser mirror at a junk shop for $30 a few years ago.  I'm so excited to be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!
And I can hardly wait to show you the ceiling!!!!

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