Everybody loves Toby

He's our friend, and guard donkey.

The face he makes before he "honks" is hilarious;
so I've been trying to capture it.
Getting ready......
Nope, that's a yawn--somebody get this boy a toothbrush!
He knows I'm up to something, he is very smart.
Moe loves Toby.
No, that was another yawn.
Here we go.....
now we're in business.
He's "honking" because it's feeding time.
If we're late, he reminds us.
Donkeys get a bad rap for being stubborn, because they may not "go" when told to.
The typical horse will proceed at his owners lead, even in dangerous situations, and end up with a broken leg, snake bite, etc.  A donkey is smart enough to not proceed in danger, and go slow and cautious if he has a concern about the situation.  Our Toby may be mini, but he can round up 18 goats and a lamb like nobody's business when he thinks something is amiss.

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  1. Chewy is just not that nice or helpful. He does guard the goats, but he doesn't round them.