Busy, exciting, fun, productive, disappointing, yummy day

Baaaad picture--but we took this piggy to the butcher today, he was pre-sold.
This cool old International truck, 
and this drilling rig came to the farm today.
There was lots of gravel and sludge, I'm thankful that this mess was in a pasture, and not near the house.
The disappointing part of the day---after 300 feet, there was enough water to run the barns and water the cows, but not enough for the house.
Now we have to decide whether to go deeper, or try another spot......but first, we have to save up more money.  We are on public water system, but it is very expensive compared to everywhere else we have lived.

One of my baby snowball bushes is blooming!  
It was a perfect day; light breeze and high 70's.
On the way back from the butcher, DH, Emmi, and Avery stopped at the mennonite bakery.  Emmi bought everyone a candy stick......here's how Waid chose to enjoy his.
Then everyone joined him on the porch.
We worked on the mudroom some more, DH had to use a grinder to cut out for light switches and plugs.
Next will be the coat hooks, from various rusted metal farm pieces, mounted on barn wood.
In honor of the big fat piggy that went to the butcher today, we had pork chops for dinner.
Emmi made deviled eggs (from farm eggs), the black-eyed peas were from last summer's garden, and of course the chops were from our pigs.The canteloupe is the only thing that was from a grocery store, 
I saw something yesterday saying that people should stop counting calories, and start counting all the ingredients in their food-----which would lead to a much healthier life.  It's very exciting to be producing so much of our own food!

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