Avery has been sewing.
I'm glad I don't have to milk on a little stool like that guy!
See the flies embroidered on the dishtowel?
They've started already here at the farm.  DH despises them.  
Along with buying fly predators this year, and having the poop in the pastures raked daily as a farm chore, DH got out the shop vac.

If nothing else, it gets the flies off at milking time, 
so hopefully we will have less kicking.

Emmi made a new dishtowel too.  And Waid invented a fishing pole out of tinker toys, with real string that actually winds up on a spool.
One problem with raising grass fed beef:  When a cow escapes, you can stick a bucket of food right in their face, to bribe them back to their pasture, and they will just ignore you.

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