When it rains buckets on your carpet install day....agian....
But, Yay!--at least our carpet was found.  The 1st installation company, 
that was bought out, put it at another warehouse.

Avery is doing very well with milking her goat.
After milking time, we went crazy on the den floor.
I gathered all the sharpie markers in the house, 
and told the kids to leave their mark.

I did too!

No, I do not know how to rotate my pictures.
I hope our carpet last maaaaany years,
 but when the time comes to replace it, 
how neat it will be to see these pictures!

Since I dug so hard, and for so long to find out the history of the farm,
 I thought I'd write a summary on the concrete for someone to discover in the future.

I think each kid did 2 pictures.
You are probably not interested in them all, but I'm showing them all,
 as my blog is our "scrapbook".

Here's the rest of the farm history.
Upside down, of course.
Never mind that my wonderful hubby supports us by working
 at the power company control center, with over 120 computer screens on the 7 desks in the room, and big screens on the walls, whereby they control power flow throughout the state....doesn't mean I know how to rotate a picture =).

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