The other day I tore down the lovely paneling in the mudroom.  
At first we were not going to tear the ceiling down, just put our new ceiling over it.  Good thing we changed our minds, because there was rotting wood behind the crown molding, as you can see below.  Not only that, but the ceiling was not plywood, it was thin luan.  
There were all kinds of surprises, like one wall had aluminum siding behind the paneling, although the same wall is covered with vinyl on the exterior.

When I pulled up the indoor/outdoor type carpet, this layer of dirt was underneath.
The next day, DH finished the demo job, and replaced the door below with a full glass door.
There was a support beam next to this window, which meant the whole wall had to come down to incorporate the french door.

I am blessed with a hubby that, not only has the skills to do my projects, but is willing to do them for me.
Because this got a bit involved.  As you can see below, the main house was connected to the garage (now our den), by this.  We think the mudroom started off as a breezeway, and was later closed in, because some of the framing just didn't makes sense.
By the end of the day we were able to set the french door in place and have  the wall where no animals or critters could come in overnight.

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