Last Weekend

It was preg check time again.
I got the results back today, and Eliza (pictured) is not bred; but she finally got a 
Happy Hollow Farm ear tag.
I am making progress with my testing skills.
Three out of four vials were filled on the first needle stick.
Josie and Flossie are pregnant.
Since our carpet is in limbo, and we cannot proceed inside, 
I decided to tackle the windows on the "ugly" side of the house.

DH removed storm windows, and I primed.
I also primed and painted the black iron pipe.  
The brown cement block part at the bottom will be lime washed soon.
The storm windows had to go back up, not an option with 80+
year old, beautiful wavy glass windows.  
The bottom part of the storm windows, that I couldn't get to because of the screen, 
I sprayed with scrubbing bubbles, it worked great!  
This looks SO much better!  It was finished up on Monday.
Butterball was hit by a dump truck.  
He had to spend the night at the vet, just over 24 hours total.
Amazingly, he had not broken bones, just bruising, 
and some blood vessels leaking a little in his lungs.
He was sent home with a bunch of meds, 
and we kept him locked in a stall a few days.
DH had arranged for Kristen to babysit so we could go out to eat.
Here's my handsome hubby driving us away, finally, for a 3:30 lunch.

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  1. Does Butterball chase cars for fun? Also, did your carpet ever surface?