Even after the carpet was found, no one passed that info on to our particular installer.  He showed up at his normal warehouse in Huntsville, then had to drive to Bham to get the carpet.  
I'm soooooo glad it's over with!
So here's the den, starting with the piano area, moving left.
I'm going to have to get some chalk paint after that black table!
The carpet still has some "lines" where it was rolled up, and the fibers haven't fluffed back up.  It has sort of a waffle pattern to it.

The pictures on the floor  (that I took in China) will go above the sofa.
Pretend that the side chair has a slip cover made of that cream fabric,....it will be made soon.
The tv is still in the garage.  We do not watch "real" tv" at all.
The kids do some school work using the tv as a computer screen and we watch live streaming preaching, so I guess we will always have a tv.
I'm so happy to see some of my China favorites back on the walls!
I bet you're thinking I'm crazy to have white carpet on a farm, with 6 kids in the home!  We've had white twice before, and really liked it.  Of course it is a no shoe zone.
DH still has to swag the chandelier more over the small table.
He is working 7 twelve hour shifts this week (plus 2 hours commuting).
I was just happy he felt like getting the sofas and piano back in place, 
so I could get the rest done.
I stole the picture of Kristen and Jake, and the table,
 from the dining room. 
 Another table and the watercolor of the farmhouse will replace them.
After being without the den since January 1st, and waiting on the carpet for 16 extra days, I am SO HAPPY to have the room completed!
And next, we tackle the mud room.
The LAST room, hallelujah!  We actually had the two 8' sofas and the piano in here since January, so it's a mess.
I'll be ripping it apart in the next few days.
The new walls will be galvanized metal, with barn wood trim, NOT pink and blue flowered paneling.

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