Tuft and Needle

Here is what I wrote November 2015, but never posted:
Crazy, I know....we bought a bed in a box.  Actually just a mattress.  We have been meaning to get a new one for some time (our 5th in 28 years).  I kept seeing the Casper mattress on Pinterest, and decided to do some research.
We ended up getting a Tuft and Needle brand instead.  In all the research, it said both brands were equally firm, but the Casper had more "hug", meaning you would sink down a little more into their top layer.
Since we are big people, we opted to not sink down that extra bit=).

It came in a box about 4' tall, and 2' square.  It was folded in half down the middle, then rolled up.  Of course all the air was sucked out of the package, so it would fit in the box.  
It immediately started expanding after we unrolled it, and was full size in a matter of minutes.  The first night was wonderful, I think because we were so exhausted.  The nights since have been an improvement over our old mattress (with 2 large oval impressions in it), but almost too firm.  For the price, the lack of having to go to stores and fry my brain with choices, I'd say it's a pretty good deal.....I'll let you know if my opinion changes as time goes on .

My opinion now:  After 15 months we still love it!  Absolutely no sign of indentations where we sleep.  Less expensive than what we paid for the last mattress, plus easy online shopping and delivered to the door.

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