Pig 1 and pig 2

but not from the Richard Scary book.
These guys went to the butcher a couple of weeks ago, 
and their friends are going on April 4th.

 These pigs were Berkshires, last year's pigs were Large Black.
  In the future, we will go back to Large Black, as they produce more bacon.
These guys made 37 lbs of bacon, last year we got 49 lbs. from 2 pigs that were very close to the same size.
 Here's the breakdown:
Two of these freezers are now stuffed with homegrown goodness!
(And a 7 cf, and 3 refrigerator freezers.)  We're very thankful!

The pigs filled up 7 of these very large boxes.
Our small 7 cf freezer would not quite hold one whole hog.  I would guess the pigs took up 18 cf of freezer space.
A note on freezers...chest types are more efficient, and supposedly keep the food better.  A 7 cf can be bought for about $200, doubling that; a 14 cf for $400, but to get a  21+ cf, the price jumps way up.  We have two 21+ cf uprights.  We decided to buy the 7 cf now, and another in a few months for several reasons:
 1)  price
 2)  We can fill one freezer with all beef, the other all pork, or all vegis, etc.  This will hopefully keep things better organized.
 3)  We won't be paying to chill space that is not being used.  When a 7 cf freezer is emptied, it can be unplugged, instead of running a 21 cf freezer that is only 1/3 full.

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