Den update

Last week we got about 2/3 of the corrugated metal on the ceiling.  The night before, I whitewashed the trim boards, so I wouldn't have to work around the curves.  It ended up being pointless, as our room is so very un-square, that another smaller piece of trim will have to go up on top of the first one.  Two people handling 3.5 x 8 foot pieces, above their heads is a bit of a challenge.
It took an hour just to figure out spacing, where to put seams, and screws.  
DH is much better at this type of math than I am.  ALL of the holes had to be pre-drilled--that was  144 holes for the 2/3 that we hung.
One wall bowed out, and the metal piece had to be sanded accordingly--see those sparks flying!
Just when we got in the swing of things, we had to tackle the attic access.  It's only the access for the den, not the whole house.   The wiring, and insulation are new, so we really do not anticipate having to get up there anytime soon.  We decided to patch the hole, and cover over it; then later, DH can cut a new access hole in the storage room that is to his right.

Here is the 2/3 that we completed, it looks fantastic!
Although it took longer than expected, and we still have 1 row left to do, once we are done, NOTHING will ever have to be done to it ever again!
And by the time the farmhouse look goes out of style, I'll be to old to care =)
We were told gourds must be up by the 1st week in February for the Martins to come--so everything came to a screeching halt to replace about 20 broken gourds.

Then we got to work on the cedar.
AJ was so proud to have a job besides "clean up crew".
We still have quite a bit to do, but we're thrilled with the cedar!  With 10 houses under our belts, we have never had cedar.  It's more than double the price of hardie-plank, so I was was worried if we would be glad we spent the extra $, but I think it looks great.  I can't wait to replace the mudroom siding with it!

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