Busy week

We've been to Birmingham 3 times in 5 days--exhausting.  A place on Avery's braces broke....twice.
Emmi invented fudge balls.  
The pig feed looks like sawdust, and is called fudge for some unknown reason.

When dumped over the fence, some blows away, so Emmi was determined to solve the problem.  She mixes the fudge with whey, buttermilk, or whatever we have.  The pigs love it.
Another baby goat!  He's huge.
The one on the left is less than an hour old, 
the one on the right is five days old.
Happy is such  a good dog!
Here are the four brothers, in the neighboring stall.

It took the four brothers several days to leave the stall (door threshold is about a foot high), this guy got out on day one!
Flowers on Jan. 31st.
Den wall progress was made,and the interior wall has the tongue and groove up.
New (to us) farm equipment was purchased.
Waid the builder was hard at work this week too!

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