Birthday, bucket and breakfast

Birthday--it was Moe's

He got a new ball for the "ball room".
Moe shared his new toy with Floyd, 
and the baby goat.
Here's something we haven't seen since last year, when the goat was young.  Now that goat is over a year old.....Toby is such a great pal!

Bucket--here I am in one.  I don't mind heights at all, but do not like the long extension ladders.
 So I got in the bucket of the tractor to paint the sealer on the cedar, worked great!

Almost done!
It was sort of painful to paint the siding beige.  But, I have accepted the fact that, even if I had  $$$$ to change the existing vinyl and aluminum siding, it would really be a foolish use of my money.

I am sure that when I pressure wash the whole house, paint some of the brown trim white, get cedar in 2 other places, and mortar wash the front brick; I can be quite content with beige.

I'll be painting the door the next sunny day, and putting my big flower pots back in place.

Breakfast--Baby goats got into some mischief with a King Arthur catalog while we were working.............

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