Thank goodness for 3 day weekends

Did I mention problems with our den? 
After paying a guy to fix the door that wouldn't close correctly, and getting a second guy to look at it....we determined that 
the whole back wall has to be re-done.
Day 1:  tear down.
Baby Elisabeth relaxing in the sun with her new BFF Felicity.

Day 2 :
Re-framed with single door in different location (because of a dip in the concrete), and an added window.
On a side note, Emmi sold Obadiah on that day.
$100 bucks--pretty good price for a unicorn.
Butterball says hello.
Saying goodbye to Obadiah.

Happy says hello too!
Day 3:  wrapped up, sealed, and doors and windows in .  
Which is a good thing, because Day 4:  rain.

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