Snowy weekend project

This is where we started on our "get the house finished" marathon.
It supposed to snow, but we only saw flakes for about an hour, but had record lows with high winds.
We set a record milking time temp of 11 degrees though.  The "feels like" temp was -1 degree!!  The temp in the milking parlor was 22.
Now, a week later, as I type this, it's 70 degrees and we have on summer clothes.
So here are pics of everything that came out of the storage room.
Of all those books below, I donated 2 boxes, and put 6 small boxes in the attic.  I'll get up in the attic to rotate them whenever the time comes.

Day 1: primer and paint, the ceiling got 2 coats of kilz, and 2 coats of paint, and spots still bled thru.  Now we have had to re-think painting the ceiling in the den.
We'll be putting corrugated metal over the existing plywood.
We were going to install the same flooring that is in the kitchen and 2 baths, the remnants were left for us, by the previous owners.  There were several boxes, and we thought surely it would be enough. Of course, being pro's and having 10 houses under our belts, we didn't actually do the math until the day before we were to start the project.   After calculating, we were going to be one row of tiles short.  We found more on the internet, but of course the shipping was more than the cost of the tiles.

A quick internet shopping trip revealed that our local Lowe's did not have a good stock of the less expensive laminate.  I continued to move everything out of the storage room and did what any normal woman would NEVER do.
I sent DH to the Lowe's in the next city, and told him to get whatever they had in stock.  The laminate was cheaper than paying for that box of tile plus the shipping.
Of course the laminate was way easier to lay than the tile, and we were done in no time.  I arranged things differently as they were put back in.  The back corners of those shelves are somewhat blocked by the freezers, of course I put less used items there.  The new way allows more open space, before, there was only a 2 foot wide path between some shelves.

And in this little spot, I can set up the plastic table when I have a sewing project.
Lumber, windows, doors, etc. for the den and mudroom work were delivered today.  I am so thankful we will have beautiful weather to work in this weekend!

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