Technology and pets

Technology is amazing. In high school, we had typing class as an elective.  When I was in college, no one had a computer, and we had to go to "computer lab" to do assignments.  That was if you were a business major, and the assignment was required to be done on the computer.  Papers and reports written by non business majors were typed on typewriters--gasp!!!  I'm old enough to remember when families started getting home computers; we got our first one around 1995.

Since home computers became affordable, they have remained relatively the same, then laptops were developed, and laptops got smaller.  Above is the computer we are replacing.  Below is the new computer.  The largest part is the box in DH's right hand,  which has to be large enough to put a CD/DVD in.  The "brain" of the computer is the box dangling from the back of the TV, with the white sticker.  Even though there is a mini keyboard shown, we will be using a normal size keyboard, and a big screen TV; but still, this blows my mind.

Goats are lazy!  Hay was put out for them on the very cold days, and now that we're having a few warm days, what do they do?  Instead of going out to eat in the pasture and enjoy the sunshine, they are stuffing themselves on hay....less work.
After leaving to run errands, we realized that these two might jump the fence.  
No worries, they were too lazy to.
One of our bunnies appears to have a cleft lip.  The tooth shown is actually on bottom, his top teeth are off to the side.  Apparently it has not affected his eating, because he has survived this long without us even noticing.  Baby bunnies cannot be touched for weeks after birth, or the mother will reject them, that is why we are just now getting a close look at this guy.

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