Loving life

Wes went into the back woods with DH the other day, in only about 30 minutes, 
DH saw 4 deer, and got this one.

Here's our newest use for the hay fork, handy to hold the deer up while gutting.

Lucy is doing great with her 1st calf, Clarabell.
Isn't she adorable.
She's experienced rain, rain, rain, and 20 degree mornings in her first week.
                                            We were a little concerned, but she has been fine.

                                                            Fat and happy in the sun.

Emmi is cheering because it's not raining at feeding time. 
 We've had 6.4" of rain since Nov. 29, and most of that was in 36 hours.
We're so excited that the pond's water levels are back up, and the burn ban has been lifted.
We've had a growing burn pile since August, hopefully we can get rid of it next week.

After last week's field trip to the Nina and Pinta, Waid has been busy building ships.
He also had a follow-up appointment at Callahan Eye Foundation, and is doing well.
It's possible he will have the other eye done next year.

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