December 1st and I still have Geraniums, strange, strange weather.
After not seeing a drop of rain for months, and having a record breaking drought, we got 3.67" in 48 hours.
There were straight line winds in the area, and tornadoes 30 min. to an hour away.

The next morning we had these beautiful layers of fog across the farm.  The pictures don't do it justice, it was really pretty.

Waid had laser surgery on his right eye last week.  Even with his shunt, the eye still makes to much fluid.  The lasers "kill" the liquid producing cells, the doctor has to get enough to get the pressure down, but killing too many cells would result in loosing the eye.  He is seeing as he did before the surgery, as best as we can tell.
He goes back next week to see what his pressure reading is.  

He made a colony of origami penguins the other day, and had fun with them all day long.

Lucy Wild had a calf on the 1st.  Lucy is our least tame cow (hence the last name "Wild") , so we couldn't get close for many pictures.
At first Lucy walked off and left the calf (who still doesn't have a name).  It was starting to shiver and I was trying to wipe it down.  The slimey stuff is almost impossible to get off.

Lucy did come back an lick her clean, the rough tongue does the trick!

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