Earlier this week we had the pleasure of meeting the woman whose father built our house!
She is 80, (does not look it!!) and was 3 months old when her family moved in.
We were excited to learn more history of the house, and stories about her family.
A few years ago her daughter commissioned a water color artist to create a painting.
 The artist used various photos they had. She had told me about the painting in one of our phone conversations.  When she arrived carrying the painting, I thought she had brought it to show me.
I was wrong; they had contacted the artist to make a copy for our family!!

We were overwhelmed with their thoughtfulness and generosity.
I can't wait to shop for a frame!

 The rest of our week was pretty normal.
Cute animals galore.
Elizabeth has a heart on her head!
These bunnies are about 2 weeks old.
This one is adorable, with his black spot.
We spent most of the day today adding another strand of barbed wire to a fence, 
and tightening up the other wires.
Our pigs escaped into the neighboring pasture yesterday, 
so this job moved to the top of the list.
After living here 2 years and 2 months, I have now seen the back fence to the property.
DH had previously just pointed across the creek and into the woods to show me the back property line, now I have actually been there.

When we got back up to the house, Floyd and Elizabeth were discovered lounging by the mulch pile, which is NOT in their pasture....more escapees.
We walked around their pasture two times, and still cannot figure out how they escaped!
Luckily they didn't run off!

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  1. The painting is so cool! Cute baby cows!