New cow

We've had such a big demand for our dairy herd shares, that we decided to buy another cow.
She calved 6 days before we got her.  This is baby Elisabeth.
She was born on Jenna's birthday, and Jenna's middle name is Elisabeth.
(It was also the same day that DH and I met, 30 years ago!)
As you know, we have them names for each of our mama cows and her babies.
This cow's theme is president's wives, so Elisabeth fits, for Jenna's birthday, and for the theme (President James Monroe).
Our new mama cow is named Eliza (President Andrew Johnson).
She came from the same vet/farmer that all of our Jersey's have come from.
The first day here, Eliza walked right into the milking parlor and milked like a pro, even though she had never been milked!  Yay Eliza!!!
While we were at the other farm, I just had to take a picture of this!
See the big taupe colored cow, with big ears?  It's a purebred Brown Swiss, and she is HUGE!

I was amazed, she is soooo much bigger than the Jerseys, her back was up to my  shoulders!
If she weren't infertile, I would have wanted her.
We will stick with Jersey's who have highest butter fat content of all dairy cow breeds.

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