New home for chickens

As you can see below, our chicken coop was falling apart.  
I have no idea how old it is, we only know the barn is over 80 years old.
The coop sat on a home made slab, which was crumbling at one end.
See, it's not pretty----at all!  
When DH has time, this thing is coming down!
The new chicken mansion is in a "lean-to" on one side of the barn---
actually where the tin is silver in the picture above.  
DH ran wiring and installed lights.
Beyond the new coop, under the same roof, is the very old milking pit that was used 
before the grade A dairy was built in the early 1970's.
Here is the "baby" pen, ready for 25 new chicks to arrive on Friday.
There are 6 nesting box units.
Two were in the old chicken house, four were bought used for $20 each!
I hope the chickens appreciate this gorgeous old barn wood wall.
It appears that most of them are admiring it here.
Our  50 chickens seem to like their new home!

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  1. Awesome - I need new nesting boxes as the metal ones have rusted though. Cleaning them all out is horrible however; there has to be a better way.