More birthdays

We have been extremely busy!
Fortunately the kids are able to come up with there own fun when parents are so busy......goat monopoly!
They came up with some funny cards, like Cedric lost his boots, pay $5.
Billy Gus spilled a pot of beans, pay for clean up.  
Everyday at the bottom of school papers, I get  cartoons about what's going on in the world of goats.
I talked Avery out of the traditional birthday cake, in exchange for Heath Bar cheese cake.
The basic recipe is a true original---from a Greek family we lived next to, over 20 years ago
(cheesecake originates in Greece).

The great thing is that I made it with our own eggs,  cream cheese, ricotta, and sour cream all made right here on the farm.
We put Hershey's simply 5 (their new chocolate syrup with only 5 ingredients) on it, and 11 candles.
It was my birthday too, but we won't talk about that.
Here's Avery being crafty with a grab bag of goodies that Kristen gave her.  She is growing her bangs out, they're driving me crazy.
I bought DH a 6' swing for Father's Day, which meant he had to build a frame for it.
DH bought me a swing many years ago, just before Jake was born.  I remember hanging out on that swing many evenings, as Jake had his colic fits, and Kristen played in the yard.  That original swing held up well through 5 houses, and over 13 years.  We'd been without a swing for over 10 years now and had rocking chairs instead.
Now we have both =).  In case you're wondering, the pieces across the sides of the frame are not only for support, but  hold a big glass of tea!

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  1. I love the swing, but I get nauseous with any swinging action so I could never sit on it. I'm diligently doing the THM diet again so off sugar, gluton, etc, but it's so time consuming to make everything. Off to band some baby goats...