Kitchen--done for now!

Remember this all began with ripping a water heater out of the corner??and discovering the wood hiding behind that corner cabinet!
My original wood counter top plan was sidelined due to Lowe's no longer carrying the product we planned on using.  Because counter tops will now have to wait for the non-busy farming season, this is as done as it's going to get for some time.  
To the left of the stove, you will notice a metal rack with pots on it.   When counter tops are made, wooden shelves will go there, with some type of turned leg, or antique architectual detail for the leg by the stove.
This tiny cabinet by the fridge, got shrimp fork handles, and a wood top.
When the counter tops are built, the counter will continue all the way around the counter, to the stove.
These shelves have been up for a while now, and we love them!  About $50 for the black iron pipe, and the barn wood was free.
This kitchen re-do was not so much about money, but mostly about labor.....
and lots of it....which I performed.  Tearing the sheet rock down was a wonderful decision!
Four school house lights, $160, and about $15 for stove pipe pieces.

A new dishwasher was not part of the plan, so I won't include it in the cost.  But all appliances have been bought in the 2 years that we have been here.

This sampler was made by my mother in the 1970's.

The other wall with open shelves.

I love the color of the blue cabinets, I was afraid to do blue on the top too though.  I thought with the brown ceiling, it would be too dark, so I went with white.

I feel like this is all old new, since I've been sharing as we made progress.
But you haven't seen my favorite part yet!  The pantry.
The wood top is original, it was hiding beneath the piece of white laminate attached to press board.
When I say original, I don't mean to the house; the cabinets were added later, I suspect the early 60's.
I saved the most unique silverware for the pantry.  All bought on Etsy, for $50.
The pulls have worked out great so far, and are easier to grab than the tiny knobs.
I had the 2 glass front doors made by a local cabinet guy for $100!! Super deal!
This little piggy keeps up with the grocery list.  
I never would have thought that I would have white walls, but white is perfect on the original ship lap!
I don't remember exactly, but the paint was around $35.
The curtain that I made the year before still works, but on a different rod.
View from the dining room.
Another sampler made by my mother. 
 I actually remember her making this one, so it must be from the late 70's.
Another view from dining room.  New a/c return vent thing, $50--after all the sheet rock demolition, the old one was just too gross, and had about 3 different colors of paint around the edges.
No regrets about leaving this brown, and keeping the old iron stove pipe thing in the ceiling.
A great new farmhouse look, for under $500!
I can't imagine ever tiring of the wood walls and ceiling, and can't believe the layers of paneling and sheet rock they were covered with!

I'm so happy at how everything turned out, and that it's filled with family treasures, like the platter pictured above, and the pitchers shown below!
I know that when my counter top DOES get built, I will love it even more!

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  1. It's beautiful - I love it!