Catching up

Last week Emmi, said goodbye to 2 little boy goats, 
and fattened up her piggy bank in the process.
Jake was home last weekend, Kristen came on Friday, and all 10 of us went to Ruby Tuesday's to celebrate the 5 summer birthdays.  I do not have a single picture=(.

I still chuckle looking at Lilly and her tan calf, 
those 3 little ones are fun to watch romping about in the pasture!
Helen Keller finally calved Friday, but unfortunately, it was stillborn.
I could write a whole post on that learning experience, but most readers probably 
would not want to read the details.
Since she calved, the milk is overflowing!!  16 gallons in the "pet" fridge above.  Eight gallons in the milk fridge, and I got 5.5 at milking this evening.  So currently there are 29.5 gallons in the milk room, at least one more in the house, and Emmi is getting about a gallon of goat milk a day.
Want some milk?!?!?!  
The pigs will be feasting on milk the next few days until I figure out the new normal, and who gets how much milk at feeding time.  There will be a lot more pudding, yogurt, mozzarella, etc made this week.

We have tiny eggplants, 
and tiny cantaloupe, 
enough black eyed peas for a small army (oh, wait, we are a small army), 
and maaayyyybbbbeeee enough corn for one meal.
For various reasons, this has been a very difficult month, but looking back at these pictures, I am thankful, and know that we are very blessed!

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  1. Glad to hear that you got to have your whole army together for birthday celebrations. But sad to hear about Helen Keller's calf.
    Thanks for continuing to share your farm adventures.