Birthdays, goodbyes and huitlacoche

AJ's birthday was the last of our summer group.  
He turned 13.  He has overcome so many obstacles!
We recently learned (from chiropractor's x-rays) that AJ's pelvis was crushed at some point in China.
He has a dislocated elbow, that was never repaired, and grew back wrong.  That was hard enough to stomach, and now to learn this.....can you imagine the pain?!

We will never know if he was abused, stepped out in front of a car, or what....just that he had to have gone through unbelievable pain as it healed incorrectly.  We had all kinds of tests run on the kids at the time they came home, even genetic testing for some, but who thinks to x-ray a child's pelvis!  Things like this make me angry and sad at the same time.  Fortunately, he has not had any ill-effects from the injury to date.  He is and over comer!
We said goodbye to a cow for the first time today.  
Elvin was sold to one of DH's co-workers, who plans to raise him for beef.
But when he got home, he texted us saying his family was in love with Elvin, 
and that he may have just bought a very expensive pet.
They are new to farming also. 
 It takes some time to get over the fact that you are 
going to eat your cute little calf one day.
Lastly, we had huitlacoche on our corn.  That's the South American name, they consider it a delicacy there.....we call it mold.  The grey knots are hard, and I read that they taste mushroomy. 
 I threw it over the fence to the pigs and hoped it wouldn't kill them.
Guess I'll stick to buying corn as a rare treat from the organic store=).

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