Helen Keller's birthday, mmooooo!

Did you know that June 27th was Helen Keller's birthday?  
Let me tell you how I found this out.
When we get a new cow, whose birth date is not known, we guess. 

If she is about to calve for the first time, we determine that she is 2 years old on the calving date.  
Or we assign her the birth date of the day we get her.  

Meet Helen, as in Helen Keller.  Yes, she is blind.
The kids asked siri when the real Helen Keller's birthday was, and we were surprised to learn that it is today......we got Helen yesterday.

We got her from the vet/farmer that we have bought 2 of our 3 jersey heifers from (one was born here).
We have also rented bulls from him, and we bought a bull from him last week (bull will be introduced in a future post).  
We led Helen to the water trough after her ride to the farm.

Obviously, Helen, who will calve soon, will need some special care and attention.  
With the vet's busy schedule, he was afraid he would not be around if needed.  He knew exactly who to call, and that I couldn't say "no".  He said he knew we would spoil her.
Yesterday, Helen was so traumatized, we could do little more than show her where the water was.
Today we have taken her buckets of water, just to be sure she is drinking.  
Thank goodness, she has been spotted by the water trough twice.

Yesterday, she walked around in circles most of the day.  
It was heartbreaking to see her fall down a few times.
Today she seems to have calmed down quite a bit, and has been spotted grazing and resting under a shade tree, I'm so glad she found it!
The other cows have all introduced themselves, and everyone seems to be getting along.
This afternoon, with the persuasive power of food, Helen made it through her first training session for milking.
Hopefully we will be able to get in another session after milking time this evening.  Our vet friend tells us that she may calve a little early due to the stress of the move (Coralee did), so I was very relieved to have accomplished a training session!  
Happy 2nd birthday Helen!

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