Having a plan for the day....

well, it doesn't hurt to have a plan,just don't hold your breath.  First thing this morning I got stung by a wasp.
I bought some forsythia, 1/2 price at lowe's, to plant alongside the barn.  After milking, DH was going to dig the holes for the plants.

We ended up laying on the ground in the dirt for 30 minutes--untangling berber carpet from the auger.
See the big pile of it on the left, you. just. never. know!!!! what you'll run into to.  It was like cleaning off the beater brush to a giant vacuum cleaner.
Finally, the holes were dug, plants planted, and we could move onto bigger and better things.
Like adding 11 pear trees to the orchard.  They are all over 6' tall, and were 1/2 price!!!!  I guess they were on sale because a) not the best time of year to plant them, and b) no other idiots are out planting trees in the heat, with the heat index being 99.
Meanwhile, I went to paint the FINAL item in the kitchen.  The two blind kids both mentioned that the boys bathroom sure was hot.  I thought nothing of it, since the dryer was running.  After my painting was done, I went to put rags in the dirty clothes box.  I discovered water running down the walls (which the blind kids could not see)----the dryer hose had come undone, and all the moisture from it was pouring into the room.  I had to get a ladder, wipe down the walls, pull the artwork out of the frames to dry, then pull out the dryer to fix the hose.
DH was taking a break from the pear tree planting.  He turned on the hose and put it in the water tan that would be carried to the orchard to water the new trees.  He went into the feed room to sit and have some cold water while the tank filled.  When he came out from his break, ready to get the tank with the tractor, he discovered that a very water conscious child had turned the hose off.  So then he had to find another odd job to do while the tank filled....which included instructing the water conscious child on how to clean the rabbit shed.
While outside I realized I had not yet introduced you to Ivan.  As in Ivan the Terrible.  Because the kids think bulls are terrible.  We had the vet out on Monday to castrate 4 young bulls.  Cattle prices are down right now, so we will sell them later, ready to go into someone's freezer.  The vet checked Coralee, who was with a rented bull in Feb. and March, we were shocked to learn that she is NOT bred.  

The bulls we were having castrated were too young to do the job, and we need Coralee bred NOW, so we bought Ivan.  (See a theme here of how things don't go as planned?)  We thought we were well on our way to having 3 jerseys calve several months apart, so that we would always have 2 in milk.....argggggh!
And would you believe the typing of this post was interrupted because the beef cows were in the process of tearing down a cattle panel between their pasture and the jersey's.  It's a good thing to keep fence tools on the golf cart!
Onto better things; the pullets (teenage chickens) are growing nicely.
And it looks like we will be enjoying grapes soon!
  We cooled off in the pool, and were lazy the rest of the afternoon.  Except for when the pigs tore down a gate......that wasn't in my plan for the day either.

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