Concrete and Jake

Jake came home on part of his vacation; he also went to Atlanta, NC, and Gadsden.
Remember last year he tore up my "sidewalk to nowhere"?
While he was here, I got him to tear up the remaining "sidewalk to nowhere".

We made use of the broken up concrete.  
The concrete (not even a real sidewalk) shown on the bottom was poured by someone, to get down to the chicken coop.  I guess it was better than mud, but not by much.

It doesn't show up well in the picture, but its steep. 
 There have been several slips and falls

For lack of a better, cheap, easy option, I thought we'd try to recycle.  Steps would be great, but no time or energy to dig them out.  I will plant more rabbit's ear here, and who knows, it might even end up looking pretty.
The "sidewalk" is fine when it's dry, but now we can walk on the textured concrete chunks when things are wet.
My oldest boy, and youngest boy.
Jake took the girls on an errand to the grocery store; you'd have thought they were going to Disney World!
Since we like to tear up concrete so much, here's another recent project.
We *thought* the old well might be under here....but we did not find it.
Now this spot is home to some blueberry bushes that will be added to annually.

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