What we did all week

I love a pretty yard!  I do miss some aspects of of the suburban life.
I love flowers.  The landscaping here is lacking, and I finally have a plan for all around the house.

While in limbo with the kitchen counter top dilemma, the free rosemary plants from last week got me thinking of another project.  It was time to remove the pool cover.  It was ripped in several places, and thankfully we were able to get a new one under warranty.  That left me with a damaged 36+ foot round piece of plastic.......what a good time to kill some grass! (Don't worry, I punched holes in it with a pitchfork to ensure good drainage.)

We originally planned on building a deck by the pool, and the stairs we built last year were to be a secondary set.  We have decided we would rather invest in a large patio than a deck.  I decided to kill the grass and start planting in the area that will eventually have a patio.  The pool steps will be moved to the other side of the filter, and another set of stairs built on the other side of the pool.
Five camellia's will grow to form a nice privacy screen.  The pool is waaaaay off the main road, but can still be seen from it.  The mulched area shown above is about 25' wide and 35' long.
The area above, all the way to the old round patio, will someday be a patio.
We spent half a day in the hollow at the back of our property gathering rocks to go around the rest of the pool, and added mulch.  
Sidewalks will go to both sets of stairs, and to the new door we will be adding on this side of the house.
Another Camellia will help hide the den a/c hose.
Over time I will be adding many more plants.  Hopefully the camellia's will be a well established backdrop for everything else.  I did buy a few extra's, like Ruelia, one of my favorites.  I've had it at the last 4 houses.

I also planted 2 Leland Cypress trees to fill in the gap between some other trees DH's garage.  As much as I love the wide open space we have, I want to somewhat block our pool and play area from view of the main road.  I hope you were able to enjoy beautiful weather this week too!

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