Kitchen.....so close

but yet so far to go.
I got the lower cabinets painted the other day, two coats before lunch, 
then distressing and polycrylic after lunch.  
DH got the hood vent hooked up.  This took a few trips to 2 different hardware stores.  It wasn't exactly easy to measure how much pipe was needed and how angle pieces would be involved.  But once the correct pieces were here, it was up in 10 minutes.
I bent the rest of the antique silverware for cabinet pulls.  
My tools were a hammer, a pipe, and the edge of the utility trailer.....very high tech!

My glass-front doors should be ready this week, then I have to paint the pantry cabinets.  A bit of trim, and we're done!  We decided to forgo the counter top for now.  DH wants to make them, but doesn't have the time right now.  Maybe we can come back to that project next winter.  But right now is the time for farmers to be working outside!
He did give me permission to order the new mudroom doors soon, though.  The mudroom is the LAST room to do, and my goal is to have it all done at the 2 year mark of Sept. 1.  

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