Kicking sugar to the curb

Well, there are no curbs out here in the country, but you get the idea.   Over the years, I have always thought I was feeding my family well, especially when we changed to organic food about 5 years ago.  But still, these things remained.........
white flour, white sugar, brown sugar, powdered sugar, many baked goods and bread.   DH and I have been on a low carb diet.  DH lost 20 lbs last month, and had lost 22 the month before.  I lost 12 lbs last month (DH did the low carb diet a month before I did).  I had already lost 8 lbs between January and March by simply giving up sweet tea.
I'm not going into the all the reasons that those things are bad, but we've decided for us, that they are bad.
Now the same cabinet contains oat flour, almond flour, coconut flour, flax seed, and coconut.  
The kids are still eating a serving of bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, etc., each day---our plate just looks slightly different from theirs at supper.  But their carbs have been cut down too.  We recently dropped the afternoon snack, and no one has really missed it.  Just cutting that snack reduced our carb and sugar intake by a large amount.  We were snacking on crackers, animal crackers, muffins, and other things in the "bread" group.

And our new sweeteners, are molasses, rapadura, honey, and maple syrup.  These will be used sparingly.  I am looking for recipes, using natural sweeteners, to replace our old favorites.  Some of these sweeteners can be used in the same amount as white sugar, and I will be testing them out as time allows.  
We are learning many things, and I hope to share our journey with you a little bit.  I plan on canning all of our fruit jellies, jams, and sauces with honey instead of white sugar this year.
Did you know you can make sausage balls with almond flour?  They were wonderful!
Did you know you can make a pie crust with coconut and butter?  
In other news, unfortunately, my kitchen project has been on hold for 2 weeks.  I waited a week for DH's schedule to allow him to make the counter tops.  When he went to Lowe's to get the wood, that the website showed as "in stock", it was not.  Not only that, but they cannot even special order the wood.  So we've spent another week trying to figure out what to do.  Right now I have a cabinet maker working on an estimate for the wood counter tops. 
Lastly, I just had to share this picture of gorgeous Flossie.  She had another training session today, and got a new purple halter.  I never thought I'd say such things about a cow, but she really is a beauty!

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  1. Ikea has awesome wood counter tops! Check them out if you have one around. I have cow issues - I'll email you.