Usually when DH is on night shift we do not go anywhere.  It's hard to get everyone out the door quietly.  And after the first day or two, I am sleep deprived.  But this week we had to go pick up a new 134 gallon cow water trough, which gave me an excuse to go somewhere else too.
There is an antique flea mall,  between our little community and the next; literally in the middle of nowhere.  I had passed it many times, but never stopped, so today was the day.  I am no longer using plastic to store food items in.  So I added two blue ball jars for nuts, granola, etc. on my open shelves.

A few years ago, at a thrift store, I picked up a few black trays.  I bet they have an official antique name, but I don't know it.  I had a total of 4 metal trays, from 2 different thrift stores.  Today I found 2 wooden ones.
It doesn't show up well in the picture, but this one is gorgeous on the blue wall!
The rectangle tray is quite large. 
 I don't have a plate hanger for it, so I put it on top of the dining room armoire.
I don't know if it will stay there, but I am so glad I found it=).
Usually when we run errands, I have a long list, and am trying to get back home by lunchtime.  
It was nice to get out with nothing else to accomplish, and no time restraints.

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