The sweetest thing ever

Emmi's goat, Henrietta, had a kid the day we were working on the kitchen lighting.

I could not immediately go out and check on them, but Emmi said everything was fine.  Henrietta was huge, and we couldn't believe she only had one kid.  I made it out about 15 minutes later, and stayed outside for a while.  Then we went back to our work.

When we went back out for chores, look what we saw.....2 babies!
About 15 minutes between babies is the longest we have seen, until now.
Even if Henrietta had the 2nd baby right after we left, it still would have been at least 45 minutes after the first one.

So here's the sweetest thing ever.  
The next morning, Emmi planned for me to roll Avery outside after milking time.

She gave the little girl goat to Avery!
Emmi had given Avery a goat about 6 weeks ago.  Remember, the mom didn't make milk, and we were bottle feeding it?  Sadly, it died.  When a goat or calf doesn't get colostrum, it will automatically die.
We had heard that, but thought since the baby lived for 2 weeks, that it would be fine.
Our vet said he had seen them make it up to 2 weeks. 
 I don't know if all ruminants who don't get colostrum will die, but know it to be true with goats and cows.
Anyway, Emmi named her Lafayette, the same name as the other goat had.
(Yes, it's a boy name for a girl, I don't get it either.)
Little Lafayette gets to visit Avery and go for rides everyday=).

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  1. Sweet - I think our only bred goat, Leia, is due any time. She is huge; I'm thinking there may be three in there this time.