Kitchen progress

This week I have been able to work on the kitchen a little each day. 
I tore out the sheet rock that was on this little section between the window and dining room wall.
I tore down the sheet rock that went around the door frame, it had those weird curved corners.

This was the back door to the original house.  On the left is the tongue and groove pine walls, then a REAL 2x4 that actually measures 4".  Next you can see the boards that run at a 45 degree angle, and the wooden lap siding on the right.
I also cut away part of the cabinet.  
The cabinets on the left will stay, but the lower cabinet on the right is being taken down.
So I had to cut the existing longer cabinet, so that it will continue all the way across to the intersecting wall.  
DH will cut a piece of wood to fill the blank side it will leave.  I will have to wait on DH to help me take the other cabinet down.
Two walls were painted, and school house lights installed!!
We decided to keep the ceiling natural, at least for now.
Next, DH will build the shelves for the stove wall.  Since we're living/cooking in this (already smallish) kitchen re-do, we will be doing a section at the time.  I hope to get started on painting cabinets next week.

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  1. Looking good!
    ps. Mooster is pregnant according to my only nearby contact that knows anything about cows.