This week.....

Are ya'll still out there?  Sometimes we get lost in our own little world and forget to post.
This week we've discovered a new favorite snack.
Emmi has been caught being sweet to Waid.  She is making a sampler, and is letting Waid pull the needle up.
DH got some new toys from a buddy he works with.  His friend is downsizing, and needed to get rid of some things fast.  DH was offered a deal he couldn't refuse.....even if we don't need a 4-wheeler.  DH will probably play with it until next hunting season, and sell it then.
We will be keeping the 2nd golf cart.  Mine is old (well, they are both old), and if it died, we would be up a creek.  It's not that we are too lazy to walk, but having a cart to tote all the feed tubs, and milk is a great help!  And going across a pasture to get a cow, when it is raining and cold, is much easier on a cart than on foot.   I'm keeping my white one, with the baskets, he can have the "Alabama" one.  This is a great blessing to have 2!
We are seeing flowers here this week!, and have even had doors and windows open a couple of days.
I hope my next post will be the bathroom reveal--Finally!
And next week--the kitchen ceiling comes down.

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  1. Excited to see the final bathroom reveal and Praying that your headaches have ceased!