Tada!!! The bathroom!!

After 17 months in this house, it is finally FINISHED!
You may recall, we had one delay after another, including re-plumbing the whole house, and re-wiring.
Not to mention running a farm, homeschooling 6 kids, renovations in the rest of the house and a full time job with 12 hour shifts and 2 hours commuting.  Phew!  I am beyond exited!

This is the shower curtain I made, nothing fancy, but I've been keeping a secret from you in the sneak peeks that I've shown you.  Notice the blue birds in the pattern, and the blue accessory below.
Another dash of blue.
So what's the big secret??? The ceiling is blue!!  In 28 years of marriage, and 10 houses, we have had a every imaginable degree of popcorn/cottage cheese ceilings, as well as "stomped" ones.  I love having smooth ceilings here, and have waited so long to paint a color on one!  I also used eggshell on all of the ceilings instead of flat paint, the reflects off of the ceiling so much better.

OK--let's get on with the tour.  This is the view from one side of the bedroom, excuse the unpainted trim, I've been working on the bathroom, ya know.
Here's the ugly old falling apart cabinet that was left for us in the milk barn.  
DH had to rebuild the bottom, basically only the doors were usable.

Come on in!

DH built the vanity base out of barn wood that was cut off of this property over 80 years ago.
He loves me, and let me splurge on this honed carrera marble top, something I have wanted for 28 years.

The baskets replace drawers for us. (We're pretty low maintenance.)  And the old cabinet holds things that are not used daily.
My tall hubby wanted the vanity to be kitchen counter top height, we had that in a house we built, and really liked it.  He gets the "tall" hand towel on the wall, I get the "short" one on the front of the vanity.

I love every detail, and there is PLENTY of lighting!
This simple curtain is made from an antique bed spread.  I have moved antique linens from closet to closet in 10 different houses--why??  I am finally using them here, even if it means cutting them up!
At shower time, we simply unhook it from the tie-back.  It doesn't matter much, way out in the country, but since the front porch is outside the window,  we play it safe;).
A closer look at the curtain and fringe.

Another view, the door on the right is the closet.
I tried to post before pictures, and for some reason, could not.  Old pictures, new phone, might have something to do with it.  There were only a few though, since our bedroom, closet, bathroom, and foyer were all one big open den before.
Stay tuned!  The kitchen ceiling is coming down this week!


  1. All so, so pretty! Love it!

  2. You must be so happy, this turned into such a beautiful space!!