Long day

Today on the funny farm was not fun=(
In the future Avery will probably not think dancing, twirling, ......and falling is fun either.
6 hours and lots of screaming and tears later we came home with a full leg cast, wheelchair, and codeine.
Emotional issues from her past really come out at times of trauma like this.
She broke the tibia a few inches up from her ankle. 
 The doctors said it's a hard bone to break, and usually only when someone had bone issues or malnutrition.
I told him she was in an orphanage for 2 years, and malnourished when we got her.
He said that would explain it.
 Poor Avery=(


  1. Oh poor Avery! Tori broke here arm when she first came home just jumping off the couch!
    Sorry to you both!

  2. Sarah Ying has very breakable bones, too. She has had more broken bones than the rest of the family put together. Recently in a car wreck with my other 2 kids (still at home) she was the only one injured even though she was in the back seat with a seatbelt on. Severe TBI and 23 days at Childrens plus another 2 months and she is as good as new, but now I am the one with PTSD.