Three of them!  They were born the other day in the midst of the kitchen work.
I think Felicity is our best mommy yet.  
We have not had to do any "babysitting", or help in any way.

Emmi is excited that there is one girl, we will be keeping her.  
After Garnett's bottle, he tried to get some milk out of a baby goat hoof.
I hope to work on the kitchen a little every day.  
I have bruised shins from leaning and reaching while on the ladder.
Much to my surprise, the tar paper stuff came off super easy.
Right side of the pantry cleaned and scraped.
And a random goat picture for you =). 
 It would have been a great picture had it not been so foggy.
I am so thankful to report, no more headaches after my new glasses were finally adjusted correctly!

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