Super Jake

Most of you know that Jake is a bit of an overachiever.  He went to college at age 16.5, graduated at 20.5, then took a job in Criminal Justice in Texas for 6 months.  He did not like that job and got a job back in Pensacola as the Customer Service supervisor at Abeka.  He was in charge of 120 employees.  Jake had worked at ABeka as a student worker before.  
Jake has always been very good with his finances, and already has a Roth 401k, and a regular 401k in place, and makes double payments on his car. 
Now Jake is Director of Student Employment for the work assistance program at Pensacola Christian College.  Responsible for placing/hiring/firing 2700 students into over 100 areas for employment.  At age 22, he is the the youngest Director of any division at the college.  He is now thrilled to have his own office.  
Jake was on a weight loss incentive program at work, he lost 81 lbs since August, and 8" in pants size.  He lost the largest percentage of all participants, and won a trip to Destin!  
We're so proud of you Jake!

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  1. Wow - good job! My Alei is like your Jake. She is the youngest senior manager of a CVS at 21.