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Isn't this a beautiful sight?  Well, I never thought so either, until I moved to a farm!
We have been blessed with 15 cows in 15 months.
Please pray for me, I've had a headache almost everyday for several weeks.  Thought it might be the new glasses, but I have worn the old ones for 2 days, and still get the headache.  I love my new glasses, but took them to be adjusted for the 4th! time, and they broke them.  Of course they ordered a new pair, but those will have to be adjusted too, hopefully not 4 times.  So my new glasses will have cost me almost $300, and 6+ trips to town, 30 minutes away, with 6 kids in tow each time.......grrrrrrrrr!
We had a beautiful sunny day today, and sources say we will have an early spring....I hope so!
This morning Jennifer was caught red-hooved stealing the milk cow's leftover food.  This girl is hilarious.  She escapes daily and gets into all kinds of mischief.
Speaking of milk cows, our Coralee has a golf ball sized abscess.  The vet gave her a shot last week, which did absolutely nothing, but means we have to throw out her milk for 14 days because of the antibiotics in her system.  The abscess looked like it would rupture, so I took matters into my own hands.  I drained it, a couple of times, and.....this is probably getting to graphic for most.  My wonderful friend Melissa is making a salve to put on the abscess tomorrow.  Pray for Coralee the cow too, please.

I will leave you with a sneak peek of bathroom progress.  I hope to sew tomorrow.

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  1. So, now I don't think Mooster is even pregnant! She would be due in April and doesn't look big nor have any udder showing. How can that be after 45 days at the honeymoon pasture?

    I would have bought the one infertile milk cow in Virginia.