New glasses

Wes, AJ, and DH got new glasses last week
This week the girls and I got new glasses.
Waid is off schedule from the rest of us, but we let him be in the picture anyway.
May I just say, Thank you Lord for vision insurance!!!

While today's glasses were being made, we made peanut butter banana roll ups for lunch, at the park.
Read rule #2 ....quiet.....at a park, too funny!
It was 71 degrees and windy, I am concerned about tornadoes tonight.

This smallish playground was a great place for Jenna to practice cane skills.  Only one drop off was more than three feet, so it was fairly safe to let her explore.
We didn't help her one bit, and she did great.

She even went up this green thing, and down a 6ft corkscrew slide, all by using her cane and touch.

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