First, let me say our bathroom is sooooo close to being finished, and I can't wait to show it to you!
I will be re-doing this antique cabinet to go in the bathroom, it has a hutch with wavy glass doors.
When I was telling DH what needed doing to it, he said "so basically you're just using the doors"......oh, it's not THAT bad!  The cabinet was in the milk barn, we don't know if it was originally in the house or not.
Anyway Saturday we got up, milked cows, and I was at the vet by 8.  The baby goat was fading fast, and her moma has in infected foot, probably caused by improper hoof trimming by previous owner.  The vet said that the stress of the hurt foot might be why moma goat is not making milk.  She got 2 shots and was sent home with 2 more syringes to be given later.  Baby Lafayette got 2 shots also.  We were home by 9.  
Then it was time for Lafayette's bottle again, and off to the feed store.
Bought 1300 lbs of feed, then abandoned the van at the milk barn....because I certainly wasn't going to unload it alone.  That's about 3 weeks of feed for Jersey's and small animals, our Beef cows are entirely grass fed.
Came to the house, made butter, started laundry, ran dishwasher, and by then it was time to see about lunch.  Made sure lunchtime farm chores were done.
Meanwhile DH was working on bathroom trim, and asking me question periodically.  Then after kitchen clean up it was time to feed Lafayette again!  Had to gather and organize papers for taxes; appointment is Monday morning.
More laundry, graded some school papers and helped kids make corrections.  Then we had to lower a gate in the goat-lamb-calf pasture, so that Happy could not escape.  He was hit by a car last week, and his days roaming free are over.  After that we moved the antique cabinet from a storage building to the porch, and discussed how to make it work.  Fed Lafayette again.  Then we had to unload the feed from the van, 'cuz it wasn't unloading itself.  While I started supper, DH started taking the cabinet apart.  Of course after supper, all animals had to be fed, watered, milked, etc.

So even though the bathroom is soooo close to being finished, you can see why our progress is slow.
Better not set your plans in stone if you live on a farm......time to feed Lafayette again!

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