She's 80!

I had two VERY exciting phone calls this week.
First, I tracked down the man that owned our house in the 70's and 80's, and had a dairy here.
He was able to give me a lot of info on the buildings.
He did not know the exact age of the house, but gave me the name of the man who built it.
From there, I was able to find the original owner/builder's last living child.  
She is 80, and they moved in when she was three months old...............
SO after a year and a half, I finally know for a fact, that our house is 80 years old!!

The glass door knob above is 80!
The 5 panel doors are 80!
The wavy glass windows are 80!
I was right in assuming the lumber was milled from the property and that there was NO bathroom in the original house!  And the outhouse was a nice little trek away.  The house has been built on to three or four times.  (Thank goodness the last owner did a good job at making it look unified.)  The sweet lady and I talked for over an hour, and I can't wait for her to come visit when the weather gets a little warmer.

The 3 1/4"pine in the bedrooms is 80!
Surprisingly, the 1 1/2" oak flooring in the original dining room and living room is 80!
This one threw me off, because it is so very 1960's ranch flooring.  But it IS original.  I don't know why there are two different woods, but hope to soon find out. 

 I learned where "the sidewalk to nowhere" once went. We knew our ponds were spring fed, but she told us where a well is!   She shared a story about playing in the sand that was used when the brick front porch was added.
She knew that the barn is older than the house, but we don't know how old.
I'm so very thankful for the opportunity to learn more about our farm history!

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  1. Greetings from Amazing Hands's volunteer, China! Feel so happy for your guys' life now. So wonderful.