School room clean out

Last school year was full of adjustments and craziness, we barely got all of our days in (170 in AL).
This school year started in June.  Determined not to fall behind, we have done some schoolwork every day, with the exception of Christmas and a few others. SO, we technically have finished school for the year, and are starting on new curriculum.

I say "technically" because we've fulfilled our legal obligation of homeschooling, but that is not what counts.
What I discovered along the way of everyday school, was that my kids NEED this schedule.  They NEED so much repitition to stay on track, and they like it. We don't do as much each day as we once did, but do at least math and language every day.
I cleaned out the school room, like I've never cleaned out before.  I have finally faced the truth that these kids don't learn the same as my older two.  No one here is going to graduate college at age 20, like Jake did.
But that's, OK, and God has great plans for each of them.  
My expectations are much different, and I'm finally getting a handle on the different learning styles and needs of this crew.  My local thrift store will love the cleaning out that I have done.
Look how fabulous, this cabinet was jammed full before.
I have found many new things that weren't around when I started homeschooling over 15 years ago, or that I simply didn't discover, because my first 2 were so easy to teach.
I am so excited to get going on the new stuff!  For the first time in 2 years, I broke out the big Xerox.  
I admit, I broke it out, but DH did all the work, scanning workbooks, downloading files purchased online, and generally doing all the technical stuff.  I love that so many of our new choices allow us to make as many copies as we have students.

 Look at the cute pic Avery drew on today's language paper.  Moe (our lamb) is asking Toby (our donkey pretending to be George Washington) if he can go with him across the Delaware River.  They get these ideas from our Liberty's Kids dvd's.

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