Bad dog

Looks guilty of something, doesn't he.
You know our barn has the old hay holder thingy, so hay can be dropped down from the loft, and be ready for animals to munch on.

Dallas gets put in the tack room overnight, because we just don't trust him around the animals yet.  The stairs to the hay loft are in the tack room.
He ventured up the steep steps to the hay loft last week, and had to be rescued by me.  The steps are so steep, and slippery with hay.  I can't imagine a 4 legged animal having to go down head first.  After rescuing him, I didn't think he would go back up to the loft.
He did.
We don't know if he fell down the hole by accident, or was trying to get down.
He was stuck.
He would have fit through the open areas, had he not been  to afraid to cooperate.
DH had to remove one of the boards to get him out.

Now we have a baby gate at the top of the stairs, hopefully this will prevent Dallas from getting back up there.   And would you believe that a certain boy who discovered the poor dog, continued about his business, doing his chores, for a good 15 minutes before telling us that Dallas was stuck.
We have a huge lack of common sense around here!

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  1. Oh my word - that is my boys! One time one boy swung a shovel and cut open the others eye (needing stiches) and didn't even come in and say anything.